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Thread: price help please

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    price help please

    Hey guys i just bought a gu bazooka boo yah alonzo mourning card serialled to 15 for NZ$9. Any idea on a price if i stuck it up on ebay?

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    Of course low serial # cards are hard to price. So let me take a guess based on other auctions I've seen. Star player, GU, low serial # - I would guess $20-$30 on ebay. Book value a lot more of course.
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    Definitely more than $9nz that is for sure... so if you are looking to flip it for a profit put it on Ebay but be aware of their fees.

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    Hey, before you put it on ebay, I just want to let you know that Phatboi (a member on this site) collects Alonzo Mourning. So, you may be able to sell it to him for a very good price.

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