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Thread: Tradelist

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    jamal lewis jsy
    terrel suggs jsy
    matt clement auto rc
    pujols jsy
    sean burroghs auto rc
    quinten richardson auto/jsy
    rusty wallace race used car cover
    priest holmes jsy/helmet
    wilson betimet rc auto
    jeremy bonderman jsy
    peyton manning rc
    lance berkamn jsy
    matt thronton rc auto
    lou brock jsy
    vernon davis jsy
    omar jacobs auto

    and incoming

    D Wade Auto/224
    Hideki Matsui RC Jsy
    D Culpepper Jsy

    LMK wat u like and gimme a list or site

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i want the betemit auto and the d wade auto

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    betimet is a rc and bv is 10 but im askin 15 due to the season hes having

    do u have a list

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    click on the link in my profile...what set is the betemit and what yeaR?

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    Also, it says rookie on it but i am rpetty sure his rookie cards are from 2001

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    well, the rip books 30 and the chauncey books 25..not sure what we can do for d wade or betemit....can i add anything else for the d wadE?

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