I am looking to sell the following cards. I will be adding many more and updating this list often. All prices are listed. ALL sales need to be at least $20. Shipping is on me. PayPal is preferred method of payment but will accept cash and money order as well. U.S. ONLY!!! If interested in anything let me know. Thank you.

KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR 2003-04 SP Game Used Authentic 3 Color Patch #KJ-P /100 $40 DLVD

SCOTTIE PIPPEN 1988-89 Fleer RC #20 $12 DLVD

JOHN STOCKTON 1988-89 Fleer RC #115 $10 DLVD

DOMINIQUE WILKINS 1995 Signature Rookies Super Acrylium Autograph #AS4 /1075 $20 DLVD
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DOMINIQUE WILKINS 2003-04 SP Game Used Autographed Legendary Fabrics Autograph Jersey #DW-AL /100 $50 DLVD

DOMINIQUE WILKINS 2007-08 Topps Letterman Autograph Patch (Complete Set W-I-L-K-I-N-S) #LA-DW /33 $200 DLVD