Members -

First, I want to thank you all for your continuted support. Over the next few weeks, I will not be readily accessible on the site. I have a couple of work trips and a scheduled yearly scan for my daughter's condition to see what changes in her care/medications are needed. Any urgent matters that arise will be handled by @patriotsguy.

i did plan on posting this on Friday BUT Olivia decided we needed to have family fun at an Urgent Care location after she was hit by a pitch on her hand ()

There are couple of rule adjustments that we are going to implement.

1) Posts on the front page (relating to Buy/Sell/Trading Forums). Last spring, I increased the number of posts per page with the hope that more posts on the front page would impact posting. However, this actually cause an unintended consequence in that the site tended (not always) to slowdown when the loading the pages. When I noticed this, I decreased this back to a smaller number but did not adjust the number of posts on the front page (This is Trading and Buy/Sell forums). With this said, effective on June 1st (10 days from today), you cannot bump your own post to page 1 for 24 hours (12 hours for VIP) and you can only have 3 active posts that are on the front page. If your post is ALREADY on page 1, this cannot be bumped.

I know that this rule has change periodically - however, this is my last planned changed.

2) I have had a few members ask about Group Breaks, conducting Card Drafts, offering "Hit Packs", razzes (raffles) etc. I want to take a moment to let you know where we stand about these.

Group Breaks - This is something that we want to be extremely careful with. SCF is NOT oppose to allowing members to do this; however, it is also in our interest to ensure that all members are protected. I'll let Roger discuss this in a further update, but there will need to be several items that we would need to have on file before allowing members to conduct Group Breaks.

Card Drafts - See Group Breaks - we will probably start with Card Drafts.

"Hit" Packs - A number of vendors and SCF Sponsors do offer their own "Hit" products (like Dave and Adams Hit Parade). SCF has always designated this to be a grab-bag, especially when you have no idea of what the potential hits are. SCF Sponsors will be authorized to sell a "Hit" Product on SCF; provided that the larger hits that are available in the Product is publicly known, as well as the run of the product (are there 50 packs, 100 packs, etc.). Members will not be authorized to do this.

Razzes/Raffles - I will be clear on this, as long as I own SCF (and not pushing daisies), members, sponsors, VIPs, staff will not be allowed to offer Razzes! SCF will occasionally run raffles, but that will only be for SCF Reward Points and it will be either Roger or myself running them (see last note).

Other items

Email from SCF - I am going to look at trying a newsletter starting in June that will potentially sponsored. I am not sure if I will pursue this option, but if I do, I will give a heads up a couple days before it is going to be sent out.

The 2nd leg of the 2017 SCF Football contest is going to be launched in June, which will be a Show and Tell contest. This is going to be broken down into 25 different themes. In addition to this, I am also going to look at having a FanDuel style Fantasy contest as a part of the overall Football contest. If you missed the NFL Draft contest, you still have plenty of time to qualify to win the Gale Sayers jersey.

Fantasy Leagues - For the NFL Season, if you want to run a Fantasy League, feel free to post. Any cards/fees are not to be posted in the threads OR posted in the Trade Manager.

Lastly, if you are interested in a Rollie Fingers Auto from the Industry Summit #1/4! - Please check out this thread for details -