Not my first post I wanted to make but first time this has happened to me on eBay after I sold something. I Sold a card on ebay April 22nd Cody Kessler 1/1 Plates and Patches Shield Auto on auction winning bidder took a week in mind to pay me had to open a non paying case eventually he finally paid. Fast forward to May 20th I get a item not as described case against me in comments he says "does not match description" and that's all he says no details which is BS cause I know he got the card

Anyways what are my options it says i can request the return but I have a feeling it won't be the original card i sent I have seen this play out way to often with other people.. i already responded in comments asking buyer for more details so do I wait and see if he responds that is what the eBay rep told me 30 days after claim they will step in I guess I feel like this is a no win situation