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Thread: score i think?

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    score i think?

    My dad bought me a score select pack and i picked out a Vince Young/Matt Leinert #329 and he also got me a topp pack and i got hobby masters Shaun Alexander from topps. Did i score anything for my 4th pack of cards? how much is those cards worth?

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    young/leinhart- $3
    alexander- pricing not out yet, my guess $2

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    the young/leinart has to be more. it is score select not plain score

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    ok i quess picks were ok but the card not score its score select so i thought more im collecting vince young so i quess good pick for me. vince young collection so far 1 card:new_usa: :new_llyin

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglefan52081
    the young/leinart has to be more. it is score select not plain score
    The select is N/A so probably $5-6

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    well i like Vince YOung i watched him a lot on tv all 4 yrs. I dont know if its worth to keep the card or trade it any suggestions what can i get for card of Vince young.

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    dont bother trying to sell or trade it, more than likely you'd get like 2 bucks if you sold it so if you like him just keep it.

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    I agree. If you like it, keep it for your collection. Because its not worth going through all the hassle of selling, when its only 2-5$. But if you keep in locked deep in your collection for a few years, who knows what it may add up to! (speaking of the young/leinhart)

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    NRP on Beckett for the Score Select 329 Matt Leinart/Vince Young is Low - $2.00 High - $5.00... The 06 Threads NRP is Available tomorrow YAY! :new_uklia

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