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Thread: ? for BGray

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    ? for BGray

    Hey BGray, do you have any more auctions coming up in the future for points, just curious?

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    If you all want one I will make another. How many points would you like to see it for?


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    I would like to see a nice round number like a 1000 (LOL) unless you think that is to many...

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    Hopefully if so, looking forward to it and maybe this time I will be able to hold my uncontrolled urges to bid so astronomical for points although my input into the forum has been miniscule lately. Hey all, I haven't fallen off the map....

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    Good to see you back Gunzz! :D

    I'll probably do one soon. When I do I'll post it on this thread.

    Thanks fellas.


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    You asked for it, so you got it. An ebay auction for 1000 credits! :D


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    My bet is that somone's gonna pay $40-50 for that auction.

    I'll start the bidding at 0.01; but when all's done and said, someone will beat me for this auction, lol

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    Thanks for doing another one. I think Qball may have made the 1000 point suggestion tongue in cheek. I would suggest in the future to do one on a biweekly or monthly basis and not as much. Maybe 500 points or 300.

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