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Thread: Show Help Please!

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    Question Show Help Please!

    I am doing my first show this coming weekend and would like some tips on increasing profits from those who have done a few. I have made $1 and $.25 boxes.

    Any other Ideas?

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    be very friendly and polite, and chat with the folks who stop by your booth, even if it's a little kid.

    I go to card shows to buy Jerry Rice cards.....and I can't tell you how many booths I've stopped by, stood searching the bargain bins for Rice commons for 10-15+ minutes,

    and the dealer sat on his/her fat reading a magazine, opening up packs of cards and sorting them, or worse -- eating a burger and drinking a Coke.

    No matter how good your cards, if you don't cater to the customers...they'll just walk to the next booth

    Unless you are discounting your cards 90%, in which case, there'll be people flocking to grab the cards, no matter how impolite you are to them.

    Just a friendly word of advice

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    A couple of pieces of advice...

    1. Know ahead of time how low you are willing to sell your cards, but do not price them that low. Price them where you would like to sell them. Then, when the collector comes up, judge their interest and let them know you will go lower and allow them to quote a price.

    2. Most definitely...never ignore anyone, especially a kid. Why? Because they are normally there with their father and he is the one with the money. Kids will easily want your cards if you talk to them and discuss their favorite players.

    3. Gather card knowledge...when you know your business, your customers will want to buy from you that much more because they will perceive you as someone who knows the hobby and is trustworthy.

    4. Offer deals for multiple purchases. If you have three cards that you would sell for $10 each, then be willing to do all three for $25. You'll be surprised how many people will buy like that because you are giving them a deal, even if you are still selling higher than your lowest sell price...

    5. Observe what others dealers are selling. Normally, you will be set up between two other tables. Watch what they are selling and what the customer is buying. That way, you already have the upper-hand when the customer comes to see your cards.

    6. Keep your cards organized. No one wants to sort through a pile that is just thrown together. Keep like sports together. Also, keep your high price cards nicely stacked and placed. Your attention to detail will attract customers.

    7. Have your Becketts handy. Collectors will want to reference them. Allow them without any fuss. They will respect you more and see the great deals they are receiving.

    8. Take names and numbers, if local. You can generate future business just by knowing what someone collects. Also, you will make new friends who enjoy the hobby. I would recommend advertising SCF with fliers on your table.

    9. Don't do this alone. Have a friend or loved one with you. That way you can step away for bathroom breaks and a quick bite to eat in private.

    10. Most of all, enjoy yourself. It's supposed to be fun. Take time out to walk around and meet other sellers. Who knows, you might find something you like or even better, you could end up selling with them. Best of all, you will gain acceptance in a community of sellers and more times than not, the community will look out for you.

    I used to do card shows and would walk out after the weekend up $300-$500. I'll probably start doing it again once I really start adding to my collection to make it worth my while. Hope this helps...if you need any more advice or suggestions....just let me know...

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    That is some great advice Enigma. Makes me want to do a show.
    Don't have much to make it worth my while though.
    It doesn't take much to know you really know what your talking about.

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    No prob TwinsCollector....

    Molina - Yeah, I'm in the same situation with product...With the footbal season in full swing, baseball will begin to languish and that's when you can really get some great deals...I figure I can spend my winter loading up on baseball product and hit the show circuit again in the late winter/early spring...

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    Enigma -- very nice post!!

    75 CC goes out to you in 1-2 days!!

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    Awesome post! This was very educational.

    Saturday I'm going to Detroit for my first card show since I was 14 or 15. I'm excited to see how everything works, and am also interested in setting up my own table, if I like the show well enough. I figure it will maybe be the best place to get what I want for my cards, or perhaps trade them for what I'm really looking for that people will have on hand there: wax.

    Let us know how the show goes! :)

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    Travaje, are you going to Gilbralter in Mt Clemens?

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    Yes I am. Is it a cool show? Please email me and let me know anything I could expect.

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