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    looking for

    Hey i am looking for any game used/autos/rc from basketball. i have 2 football gu and a ton of hockey to trade let me know.

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    i have a 2002/03 fleer tradition school ties richard jefferson/jason terry/mike bibby card. the jefferson part of the card is game used. bv15 what are your football game used?

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    rod gardner jersey from ud xl silver back $20 #ed to 100
    eric moulds from us mvp jersey $15

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    I will give you these 4 cards for two football jerseys
    01-02 Flair Warming-Up DerMarr Johnson $15
    02-03 UD MVP Shooting Shirt DerMarr Johnson $12
    97 Press Pass Lottery Club Marbury $8
    97 Wheels Thunder Boomers Van Horn $8
    LMK. Thanks!

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    kobe can u offer anything else maybe a $25 card for the 2 footbal thats $10 in ur favor

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    I can give you
    01-02 fleer Platinum 10th anniversary reprint Kobe $25
    LMK. Thanks!

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    I have three bv25 gu but two of them are pending and one has one rough corner. If you don't like the offer I gave you I can give you two $15 gu.

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