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    question about mail auto requests

    i have never done this and want to start, i was just wondering what you tell the player, do u straight up ask for an auto or tell him ur his biggest fan???

    also, do u send cards?


    any help is greatly appreciated

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    Here's a bunch of info that I wrote awhile ago on another site. Any more questions just ask me and I'll help you out.

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    I was just too lazy to write it all out again lol.

    If there's a certain player your thinking of sending to just ask me and I'll tell you there signing habits.

    For example: Ed Belfour and Mark Messier absolutely will not sign
    but, Jarome Iginla and Ryan Smyth are 2 of the best signers.

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    know any info on spezza and colaiacovo, do they sign good?

    what about super mario, i know it would be tough.

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    Ryan Smyth actually stamps ttm now...also, Mario does the same. I don't know on those two guys but since they are young, you should have a shot.

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    Spezza and Carlo from what I know are good signers just like most young players.
    I haven't tried them personally though.

    The Sens are one of the better teams in the league for sigs.Even their stars sign. (Alfie,Havlat,Lalime,Hossa)

    I didn't know that Smyth stamps now, he's always been a great signer.I guess he gets too much mail now or something. Before when he signed he also sent some verse from the bible or something.

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