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    Iron Man 2 Memorabilia Cards for Trade

    I have the following cards for trade

    IMC-1 - Tony Stark
    IMC-2 - Nick Fury
    IMC-8 - Justin Hammer
    IMC-10 - Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes
    IMC-11 - Justin Hammer

    Also, I have these
    2012 Avengers Assemble
    AS-8 - Phil Coulson

    2016 Captain America Civil War
    Known Heroes
    KN-AM - Paul Rudd as Ant-Man
    KN-HA - Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye
    KN-TO - Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark

    2012 Thor Memorabilia
    F5 - Heimdall

    2004 Lord of the Rings Return of the King Memorabilia
    Witch-King's Cloak (Slight ding in corner)
    Eowyn's Coronation Dress

    Thanks for looking
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    Do you have any pics and is the Stark one just a piece of clothing or part of an Iron Man armor?
    I collect baseball and football inserts. Also Browns, Steelers, Joey Galloway, Orel, autos, and oddball issues.If I buy its with a m.o. and will not buy if shipped in PWE.

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    It is the racing suit. I wish it was the armor. That is a hard one to get.

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    I can imagine. Which Natasha do you have?
    I collect baseball and football inserts. Also Browns, Steelers, Joey Galloway, Orel, autos, and oddball issues.If I buy its with a m.o. and will not buy if shipped in PWE.

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    What are you looking to trade them for? I dont do movie cards anymore but may be able to use them for trade bait. Id be interested in the Widow cards if possible.
    I collect baseball and football inserts. Also Browns, Steelers, Joey Galloway, Orel, autos, and oddball issues.If I buy its with a m.o. and will not buy if shipped in PWE.

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    I do basketball and football. Do you have any left over movie cards you want to get read of?

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    Also, looking for these

    '78 Topps BattlestarGalactica

    '90 Comic Images Uncanny X-Men Cover
    31 - X-Men #123 Cover

    '92 Comic Images Spider-Man II

    1 -

    '93 Boris Vallejo Series 3
    C3 - Sytyr
    C4 - Clone

    '94 Boris Vallejo Series 4
    H4 - Kamal
    H5 - Panty Raid
    H6 - Hatch-Mech
    Art Card (Sci-Fi Sensations)
    1 - Robot Stripper
    2 - Floating Island
    3 - London 2500 A.D.
    Medallian Card
    1 - Suzle

    '94 Michael Kaluta
    Metallic Storms
    MS4 - Metropolis
    MS5 - Paolo & Francesca
    '94 Mike Ploog
    88 - The Cauldron

    '94 Bernie Wrightson
    Metallic Sterns
    MS5 - Running Out of Time

    '94 Star Trek Master Series
    Crew Triptych Card

    '94 Superman: Man of Steel Platinum
    Forged in Steel

    '96 Conan the Marvel Years
    King Conan Magnachrome Chase Set
    Conan the Savage

    '08 Playground Maniacs Marvel Heroes Stickers
    59 (spare web cartridges) Spider-Man
    61 (Vs. Abomination) Hulk
    66 (baton cable) Daredevil
    81 Spider-Man ID Card
    84 (Stan Lee, Bill Everett) Daredevil
    87 Human Torch - Iceman Marvel Heroes
    89 Iceman Marvel Heroes
    90 The Hulk - Lizard - Green Goblin Marvel Heroes
    91 Daredevil - Spider-Man - Iron Man Marvel Heroes
    92 Hulk/Doctor Doom/Doctor Octopus Marvel Heroes
    93 (Stan Lee, Jack Kirby) Hulk '11 Avengers Kree-Skrull War

    '11 Upper Deck Thor
    Memorabilia Cards
    F1 - Thor
    F4 - Loki
    F12 - Jane Foster

    '13 Marvel Fleer Retro Autographs
    16 Hawkeye Mike Deodato Jr.
    20 Invisible Woman Randy Green
    23 Luke Cage Mike Deodato Jr.
    30 Professor X Giuseppe Camuncoli
    Autographed 1990 Impel Marvel Universe II Design
    1 Cable AdiGranov
    2 Captain America Steve Epting
    6 Daredevil Mike Deodato Jr.
    11 Iceman Pablo Raimondi
    13 Iron Fist Mike Deodato Jr.
    16 Luke Cage Mike Deodato
    19 Nova Clayton Henry
    Autographed 1991 Impel Marvel Universe II Design
    19 Magneto Paco Medina
    Autographed 1992 Impel Marvel Universe III Design

    2 Cyclops G. Camuncoli
    4 Deadpool Patrick Zircher
    8 Loki Stephanie Hans
    2 Deadpool
    H-3 X-Men vs. Brotherhood
    Skybox Z-Force Quick Strike
    2 Spider-Man
    3 Spider-Woman
    5 Northstar

    '13 Marvel Now Autographs

    Cutting Edge Autographs
    101 Uncanny Avengers #1 John Cassady
    102 A+X #1 JephLeob
    103 All-New X-Men #1 Brian M. Bendis
    103 All-New X-Men #1 Stuart Immonen
    104 Captain America #1 Rick Remender
    105 Deadpool #1 Tony Moore
    106 Fantastic Four #1 Matt Fraction
    107 FF #1 Matt Fraction
    107 FF #1 Mike Allred
    108 Indestructible Hulk #1 Mark Waid
    108 Indestructible Hulk #1 Leinil Yu
    110 Thor:God of Thunder#1 EsadRibic
    111 X-Men Legacy #1 Si Spurrier
    113 New Avengers #1 Steve Epting
    114 Avengers Arena #1 Dennis Hopeless
    115 Cable and X-Force Dennis Hopeless
    115 Cable and X-Force Salvador Larroca
    117 Morbius:LivingVampire Joe Keating
    119 Superior Spider-Man #1 Ryan Stegman
    119 Superior Spider-Man #1 Dan Slott
    120 Uncanny X-Force #1 Sam Humpries
    122 Fearless Defenders #1 Cullen Bunn
    123 Guardians ofthe Galaxy Brian M. Bendis
    123 Guardians ofthe Galaxy Steve McNiven
    124 Nova #1 JephLeob
    124 Nova #1 Ed McGuinness
    125 Secret Avengers #1 Luke Ross
    126 Uncanny X-Men #1 Brian M. Bendis
    126 Uncanny X-Men #1 Chris Bachalo
    127 Wolverine #1 Paul Cornell
    128 X-Men #1 [Now!] Brian Wood
    Cutting Edge Variant Cover Autographs
    101-DP Uncanny Avengers Mark Brooks
    102-SY A+X #1 Skottie Young
    103-SY All-New X-Men #1 Skottie Young
    105-CB Deadpool #1 Chris Bachalo
    105-SY Deadpool #1 Skottie Young
    105-TM Deadpool #1 Tony Moore
    106-MB Fantastic Four #1 Mark Bagley
    106-SY Fantastic Four #1 Skottie Young
    107-MB FF #1 Mark Bagley
    107-SY FF #1 Skottie Young
    108-DE Indestructible Hulk Leinil Yu
    108-WS Indestructible Hulk Walt Simonson
    109-HA Iron Man #1 Carlo Pagulayan
    109-SY Iron Man #1 Skottie Young
    110-SY Thor:God of Thunder Skottie Young
    111-SY X-Men Legacy #1 Skottie Young
    113-SE New Avengers #1 Steve Epting
    113-SY New Avengers #1 Skottie Young
    114-MP Avengers Arena #1 Mike Perkins
    114-SY Avengers Arena #1 Skottie Young
    115-SY Cable and X-Force Skottie Young
    116-SY Thunderbolts #1 Skottie Young
    117-EM Morbius Ed MCGuinness
    117-SY Morbius Skottie Young
    118-SY Savage Wolverine Skottie Young
    119-GC Superior Spider-Man Giuseppe Camuncoli
    119-SY Superior Spider-Man Skottie Young
    120-RG Uncanny X-Force #1 Ron Garney
    120-SY Uncanny X-Force #1 Skottie Young
    122-SY Fearless Defenders Skottie Young
    123-MB Guardians of Galaxy Mark Brooks
    123-MD Guardians of Galaxy Mike Deodato, Jr
    124-SY Nova #1 Skottie Young
    125-SY Secret Avengers #1 Skottie Young
    126-SY Uncanny X-Men #1 Skottie Young
    127-SY Wolverine #1 Skottie Young
    128-TD X-Men #1 (Now!) Terry Dodson
    130-SY Thanos Rising Skottie Young

    '15 Marvel Fleer Retro Autographs
    9 Doctor Octopus Paolo Rivera
    16 Doctor Strange Terry Dodson
    56 Wasp AdiGranov
    1990 Marvel Universe Impel Auto
    14 Star-Lord AleksiBriclot
    1992 X-Men Impel Auto
    9 Hope Jim Cheung
    13 ScarletWitch Olivier Coipel
    1993 SkyboxMarvelUniverse Auto
    24 Loki Olivier Coipel
    1994 FlairPower Blast
    4 Black Cat
    5 Deadpool
    7 Hulk
    9 Iron Man
    11 Namor
    16 Psylocke
    18 Wolverine
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    Hi -

    I may be interested in any of them except the Justin Hammers. Check out my BK and FB Lists and let me know what you are interested in. Thanks!!

    Hidden Content -- Hidden Content
    Baseball - Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, Mark Sobolewski, Vintage, & Phillies (in PHI uniform)
    Hockey - Valeri Kamensky, Chris Bala, Bob Kudelski, Patrick Rissmiller, & Autos/#ed/Base cards of Flyers (in PHI uniform)
    Football - 1950s Vintage & Eagles Autos Golf - Tiger Woods Basketball - 76ers Autos

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    I gave all my movie and comic cards away years ago. Still have 2 Marvel series 1 holos (Spidey and Green Goblin and Silver Surfer) only other comic cards I have is from Wizard Magazine. I have a lot of football varfs though. Thats mainly what I've been collecting for years.
    I collect baseball and football inserts. Also Browns, Steelers, Joey Galloway, Orel, autos, and oddball issues.If I buy its with a m.o. and will not buy if shipped in PWE.

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