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    Team Collectors: how do you collect?

    I collect only Packers cards. However, there are so dang many brands out there, I'm still debating how to go about collecting.


    To know what I like, I enjoy collecting base card sets since they are cheap, but I'm a completist and enjoy buying every packer card of a particular brand, including rookies, inserts, GU, and autos (which would get expensive if I bought more than one or two brands each year).

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    Trade for anything that comes along, base,inserts, whatever! once you see enough product, choose what brands you'd like to finish.

    Then I guess it would depend alot on available funds.
    take notes on what you really like, then finish, or go after elite cards out of season.

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    best thing to do is go to card shows, and look in the bargain bins....

    that's how I buy all my Jerry Rice commons ---- I go to a bunch of shows, and look for dealers giving away cards for $0.25-0.50

    and choose a bunch of Rice cards...normally, the dealer will discount it even more, so that I end up paying about $0.15 / card for about 30+ Rice commons.

    Try doing it that way for your Packers

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