Short month. Not a whole lot mailed out because of saving for the National. On the positive side, I may be able to send out more in a few months AND have my whole trip paid for quickly. We'll see.

Also, IP season starts this weekend with games in Frisco involving Tulsa and Springfield.

Burt Hooton, c/o Fort Wayne Tincaps, 1/1, 6 months - HUGE sigh of relief as this was on his 1972 Topps RC already signed by the other two on it
Roy Jefferson, c/o home, 2/1, 1 month, added his own signed custom
Larry Walker, c/o home, 1/2, 2 weeks - personalized, kept a card, AND USPS mangled my return so it's creased everywhere
Mike Sweeney, c/o KC Royals ST, 1/2, 1 week - kept a card
Jim Poole, c/o home, 4/4, 1 week

Mark Lewis, c/o home, 4/4, 3 months (Lewis was the first autograph I ever got IP; my hobby has come full-circle)

Gregg Olson, c/o business, 2/2, 2 weeks

Chad Kreuter, c/o team, 4/4, 6 months
Alan Bannister, c/o home, 4/4, 1 month
Kevin Bearse, c/o home, 4/4, 2 weeks

Sterling Sharpe, c/o NFL Network, 5/5, 4 months

Jeff Jaeger, c/o home, 5/5, 4 months
Jack Baldschun, c/o home, 5/4, 1 month, added signed photo

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Tom Kramer, c/o home, 4/4, 3 weeks
Alex Gonzalez, c/o home, 4/4, 3 weeks

Fair Hooker, c/o home, 3/3, 4 months

MARCH 24 - IP at a youth baseball tournament
Kyle Abbott, 12/12 - great guy, chatted with us a bunch about his career and coaching and was willing to sign everything we had

Got our tickets bought, and the first few names of VIP signers at the National are public as well-- Len Barker, Marty Cordova, Tommy Helms, Livan Hernandez, Gregg Jefferies, Randy Jones, Jose Rijo, Benito Santiago, Steve DeBerg, and Charles White. We should be getting another 8-10 added to that list over the next few months. I'd bet a LOT that Joe Charbonneau and Sonny Siebert will be on the list again.