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Thread: 2 NEw Boxes

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    02-03 TOPPS JSY EDITION C BOOZER # 192/299

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    hey man u no what i want lebrons and others lmk when u open

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    I didnt get any Lebron, Carmelo, or Wade. I got a BOsh insert and the normal card

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    cardbuyer do u want a nene/tskitishvilli/ming rc bv8?

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    You know I want the Parkers. Hey did you eve get me a list of Parkers? I dont rememver. LMK Thanks

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    hey cardbuyer did u get any Gu or autos or what inserts did u get lmk

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    From the EX, did you get a Kenyon Martin card (#102)? I have a few Hilario RC's to trade from UD if you need them...

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    Well what wpuld you take for the bosh here is my tradelist...


    02-03 UD Honor Roll Fab Floors Kevin Garnett/Darius Miles
    02-03 UD MVP Authentic Shooting Shirt Andrei Kirilenko
    02-03 UD Flight Team Flight Patterns Morris Peterson
    03-04 UD Ryan Humphrey #ed 283/400
    01-02 Fleer Final Cut Tyronn Lue
    00-01 Topps Finest Moments Relic Vin Baker (USA JERSEY)
    02-03 Stadium Club Allstar Coverage Shooting Shirt Allen Iverson #ed 127/700 (small crease)
    03-04 UD Topp Prospects Darko Milicic


    02-03 UD Battleworn Jevon Kearse


    03-04 Topps Heritage Chrome Austin Kearns rc #ed 1350/1954
    02-03 Flair Kazuisha Ishii rc #ed 568/1750
    01-02 Fleer Final Cuts Pokey Reese
    03-04 UD Collection Ted Williams Patch
    03-04 UD Collection Yogi Berra Patch
    03-04 Fleer World Piece Fransico Rodriguez

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