This is a different one for me.....
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I've mentioned many times (and starting to do S&T threads of the whole thing) that I collect all-time Oilers autographs. Last year I was able to get that collection up to 100% complete, through the end of 14-15 season. Now I'm just missing one prior to the 18-19 season.

Anyway, with me needing so few, and looking for a good way to expand my collection more.... I decided to start chasing WHA-era Oilers as well. It's been lots of fun, and my success rate doing TTM autographs has been really good.

I got this one back yesterday. Ron Anderson. He played for the Oilers in 72-73, and 73-74. It was an odd return. I mailed him a card asking for it to be signed - he sent my card back unsigned, but included the three postcards I've pictured with it here:

I'm just wondering if anyone can help me with a little information on what I've got here - I'd like to know more about the post cards.

These two are signed in pen:

The Detroit one has J.D. McCarthy written on it.... and from what I can tell, he (they?) made a lot of post cards, and photographs, for decades. Anderson only played a few games for Detroit (67-68, 68-69) I would expect the postcard was issue then. Does that style look familiar to anyone?

The Edmonton One - The photo has no markings to say when it's from... but the pose & photo look to be matches for the 72-73 McDermitt Team issued cards for the Alberta Oilers, which Anderson would have been included. He was just there for the two seasons... so I'm wondering if anyone knows about team issued stuff from those years in Edmonton (72-73, 73-74) and if this is something from one of those seasons... or it just a print from later on.

The St. Louis one: It's a pre-print autograph, at least to my eyes. He played only one season in St. Louis - so I'm thinking this had to have been issued during the 69-70 season, but I'm wondering if anyone has information on Blues' team issued stuff from that year?

Not looking to move any of this stuff - it was a really cool thing to get - just looking for more information on what I have.

Thanks for your help!