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Thread: Check for your player!!

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    Check for your player!!

    I have just finished posting my singles of star, unlisted, and some semistar players. Please check my lists and lmk how I did. If there is some one recent and decent that I didn't list lmk and I'll see what I can do.







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    i have some nomars that are not on your havelist... i like to trade for players on my sig ... a-rod first. interested? is that havelist up to date?

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    Off-topic Rolen but saw this on your site and want it:

    2003 Topps Finest Bat Relics Barry Bonds #FRB-BB ((BV: $20))

    Check my site to see if you like anything. Thanks.

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    Any Dontrelle Willis, Miguel Cabrera or Juan Pierre? PLMK.


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    2003 Playoff Piece of the Game Bat Albert Pujols #POG-5 ((BV: ))
    2002 Fleer Triple Crown #246
    2003 Topps 205 #3
    2003 UD Vintage #155

    i could use these..please let me know what you need for them...Check my site..Thanks

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    Im interested in these:
    Andruw Jones
    1997 Fleer #704
    1999 Fleer Tradition #31
    2000 Pacific Private Stock #9
    2001 Bowman #72
    2002 Donruss Originals #360
    2002 UD Diamond Connection #47
    2003 Donruss Champions Total Game #9TG

    Can I give CC for them?

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    i need this card. could we do a base card trade. lmk who you are looking for if interested. thanks

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    spanky: Thanks anyway, but I am not currently interested in trading for Nomars.

    Bonds: Unless you have a Manny Ramirez or Marlon Byrd gu/auto stashed away somewhere, I didn't see anything I needed.

    Sportnut: I'll have to check for Pierre and Cabrerra. The only Willis I have is a RC and its not for trade.

    boneyard: Please lmk what you have of Manny or Marlon Byrd or off my wantlist.

    jscoolautos: No cc please. Check my sig.

    redsoxfan: Check my sig.

    Thanks all,


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