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    Unhappy ok...does this ever happen to anyone else???

    Hey Gang-

    I dunno, I am having a really strange day. First I was totally stoked about winning that Prentice 1/1 autograph (still am, don't get me wrong) I am at a total low about collecting.....all this within a matter of hours. I just sat here for the last hour sorting through my autograph collection, and this thought kept entering my mind........"why do you have autographs of half these players?? Some you couldn't care less about, others you don't even have a clue about". I don't know, maybe it's because I have ran out of cards for trade ( gotta HATE it when that happens) or maybe it's because I feel like I have gotten myself caught up in the "quantity instead of quality" aspects of collecting. Now I know I have alot of great cards, but some I look at and say to myself "geeze....what a squid....why do I even want his autograph??? It's not like I even care if I ever watch him play?? (no one inparticular, could be a number of players I have). I feel almost like "Sybil" right part of me saying "are you nuts?? Keep those cards, you've worked hard to get them!!" another part saying "trade them to someone who would love to have them" and another part saying "shut up you two and quit arguing"...LOL (am I scaring ya'll yet?? :p)

    But seriously....does anyone else go through this? Or is it just a "woman" know what I mean..."Can't make up their minds to save their life!!" (For you guys who can't tell...this is sarcasm!! Do NOT agree with me on this part...rofl ;))

    I love collecting, it is in my blood, and will be a part of me until I die, but sometimes I feel like it's not as satisfying as it could be!

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    Yeah that sometimes happens to me too...I feel how come I spending money on these colored pieces of paper when I could be using it for things I need or even giving it to charity, to people who need the $$. That's partly why I sold my autos. I don't really want costly things. What good is it if you have $1,000 is autographs?You could have so many better things than those. You almost think to yourself you could do better. But then I come back to I like collecting and it's a fun hobby for me. Other people have nice things and still have their hobby's why can't I. I don't even know what I'm saying anymore. Just my mind talking!LOL

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    there has only been 1 time in my life where I was down on collecting. I wasn't really down. Just nothing I could afford.
    In 2000 I hardly bought any cards because all I collected were Collector's Choice. 1999 was the last year for them and I was still on an allowance so I couldn't afford the other stuff that was out there. CC was only 99 cents a pack. If you really feel that way about some of your autographs, you could trade them for cards you need of whoever your favorite players are. That is what I do. Most stuff in my collection is fair game to try to get more Pudge cards. I am thinking about starting up on Palmeiro now but anyway, it is a great idea trying to get as many autographs of different players as you can but many players who have signed for certified auto sets don't deserve to have their signatures on the card. For example, not an auto but, who in their right mind would want a Cesar Itzuris game used bat card? Besides maybe his mother?

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    I've been in a spot like this several times over my 15 year collecting career. The longest drought lasted almost 8 years and I didn't start up again until a few months ago. Everybody tends to feel like this once in awhile and I think that it stems from several reasons. With me, I tend to get bored when I don't find anything that I want (like now, that's why I lead the way with cardcash) or when I get low on funds (less than $3000 in my account). My collecting enthusiasm also seems to peak during the beginning of a new season in football or baseball and tends to dry up at the end. Don't worry about what you're feeling though Rima, it happens to everybody and you're never alone in feeling this way. I've been a little less enthused lately but I know I'll pull out of it as soon as I see something that I really want. By the way Rima, how many autograph cards do you have in your collection?

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    yes i feel that way sometimes too. also, sometimes in trade i get caught up in the book value rather than what the card is worth to me or someone else. for instance, if i'm trading a $20 card for a $15 card i really want i still ask if he will throw in a $5 insert to even out the deal even though i don't really even care about that kind of stuff.

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    I'm glad to hear it's not just me (well...not glad...but you all know what I I have decided after thinking about it to try and put a few sets together. I was thinking maybe I tend to feel this way because the way I have been collecting the last few years (aside from my Prentice & Rhett collections) will never give me a sense of "completion" so maybe putting a few autograph sets together will do the trick :D
    SoxFan, I have a total of about 620 autographs, but as said above, I have decided to possibly trade some of the ones I have for some of the autos I need for the sets I am gonna try to complete. I figure what the heck, why not try something a little more challenging than just getting any auto of anyone.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply guys :D

    ~COLLECTING specific Chris Brown autos & multi color patches
    ~Collecting Chris Brown, Hakeem Nicks, Stepfan Taylor, Geno Smith and Victor Cruz Auto's

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    as someone famous once said, and I paraphrase:

    it's not the goal that's the journey en route to the goal that is so satisfying

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    Heyas Rima and I feal ya on how you are fealing at the moment. I am basically going through the same thing now. At times when I look at my cards I go "blah" and don't pay much mind to them. One thing that is prolly hitting me hard on my collecting is my working. hehe. I have spent so much time as of late working that I don't have much energy left to enjoy my cards. Just like you with your auto's, I try to figure why do I have certain cards. It is not like I collect them or anything. I look at a Brett Favre stadium seat card I have and sarcasticly think woohoo. hehe. I couldn't give a rats if I had it or not. It would be so much cooler if it could have been a J.R. Redmond card. hehe. At least for me. Or even a Laveranues Coles card. There is just so much stuff I have that I need to go through and just get rid of. Like, why do I have (19) 1989 Topps Traded FB sets? It is not like I collected that set or anyone in that set. Or why do I have like 300-400 1989 Tom Rathman Score cards? hehe. It was not even his RC. hehe. But all in all I am sure that I will get through the way I feal. Maybe I am just like you where I need to complete some sets or something. I know I do need to start back up on my 2000 Playoff Contenders set. hehe.

    Welp that is enough out of me. All and all I am sure that you will get over your rut and figure out what you want to do. :)


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    Wow, pretty interesting that you feel that way, Rima...I can relate! Especially today, I went to a great card show, and found some great deals on a few nice cards I wanted, but midway through I suddenly became very bored. Just for a minute, but I knew I had to step back for a bit, and go home. Then, I get home and look at my spare closet that houses my collection. I have been going a bit crazy the last few months, and the closet is quite full of boxes and boxes! Why do I have so many of these cards? Anyway, collecting can be very addictive, time consuming, and money draining. I got back into the hobby mostly looking for older vintage graded cards, but I found I really like the GU and Auto cards of players I follow. But, moderation is the key...and after a while, the interest comes back.

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