As they come to a close I noticed 2019 was a vastly slower year for my baseball IP outings. 9 games (plus two just watching) vs. close to 30 last year. Even non-ballgames, this year had the Vegas MISL event, whereas last year had the NFL and NHL drafts, the National, and the NASL event.
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Is my career winding down? Do I just need a break? I dunno. Maybe a little of both. I'm 35. This certainly isn't a hobby that's viewed favorably by the masses when done by anyone my age or older, even when done by those of us who aren't in it for a fast buck. I think I'll have a major resurgence once the 2021 Heritage sets come out-- though MLB IP graphing will suck in the Rangers' new ballpark. But 2022 should be a banner year with the 2021 Heritage Minors set and another planned roadtrip to the National. I'll have to hit the TTMs pretty hard for the MLB guys.

Anyways, a recap of the month...

Dave Hoggan, c/o home, 5/5, 3 weeks

Joe Torre, c/o MLB Offices, 4/4, a year and a half
Von Hayes, c/o home, 1/1, 3 months

AUGUST 17 - DallasCardShow and Kansas City T-Bones at Texas Air Hogs
Tatu, 17/17
Shawn O'Malley, 1/1
Daniel Nava, 3/5
Henry Owens, 3/3
Chris Bando, 6/6

Dale Mitchell, c/o home in Canada, 7/7, 5 weeks

Tim Wittman, c/o home, 3/3, 3 weeks

AUGUST 24 - Northwest Arkansas vs. Frisco
Scott Blewitt, 3/4, 1/1
Zach Lovvorn, 2/2
Brady Singer, 1/1
Daniel Tillo, 3/3
Blake Perkins, 4/4
Khalil Lee, 1/1
Tyler Zuber, 1/1
Doug Henry, 9/9
Gabriel Cancel, 2/2
Abraham Nunez, 3/3
Kevin Merrell, 3/3
Walker Weickel, 3/3
Greg Hibbard, 4/4
Jackson Kowar, 1/1
Leody Taveras, 1/1

Bobo Lucic, c/o team in Slovenia, 3/3, 7 weeks

Bobby Brown, c/o home, 1/1, 1 week, 3 weeks

AUGUST 29 - KC T-Bones at Texas Air Hogs
Shawn O'Malley, 1/1
Daniel Nava, 3/3
Erik Manoah, 1/1
Carlos Contreras, 5/5
Zech Lemond, 9/9
Chris Bando, 9/9
Henry Owens, 3/3
Brett Eibner, 1/1
Kevin Joseph, 2/2

Bill Crook, c/o home, 5/5, 7 weeks

I mailed off several in the last few weeks, with a few more ready to go soon. I'm venturing out into a few musical requests as well this month: custom index cards to Booker T. Jones and Steve Cropper (of Booker T and the MGs), as well as Jack Ashford and Joe Messina (the last two living members of the Funk Brothers, Motown's instrumentalists).

Speaking of music, my previous band kicked me out, so I'm in search of a new one. Also, I built a guitar out of a National Treasures box.