Greetings from New Jersey:),

I want to thank each and every one of you who have helped me move so many cards to your collections for cards that I wanted/needed for my own! I have started so may new sets and even closed a few. THANK YOU! So lets try this again now that I am pretty much caught up from our trades of late. I ask again, is there any better way to move a lot of old stock for something that you want than to trade like value starter or complete sets with another collector? I have had a lot of success with this in the past and want to revisit this again. I have starter/complete sets from all sports and even a few non-sports (not just where I am leaving this post) all available for trade for anything that you have that I could use. I can send you a list of stuff in my personal collection already and, anything not on the list, I would be interested in trading for. Please e-mail me at BHK5150@AOL.COM so I can send you my list. I have Excel file lists of "starter/complete sets", even "inserts" I can send you. Ask away! Lets trade!

God Bless - Billy (for quicker response);
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