I am my son's harshest critic ...but biggest fan. He bust his ™™™ every year showing huge gains and improvements over the past three years. Hs has never been noted as a top 200 prospect of the 2005 class( easily fit in with the D class that was ) but was still getting some attention at the end of this season from WHL, SJ, AJ, & BCJHL teams. He was a kid that needed the Alberta Cup and the upcoming ID camps to showcase and prove he belonged....And BOOM....gone. I know he isn't the only kid that will suffer from this. The rankings after the top 15 are somewhat of a joke . If you follow major bantam hockey you know what I mean. So God only knows how skewed this year's bantam draft will be or if it will even go. I suspect it will but it will be so very uninformed and blind.
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