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Thread: E-A-G-L-E-S SUCK

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    E-A-G-L-E-S SUCK

    i think injuries are the key, they arent as good as last year but are still good

    it doesnt help that they have the toughest schedule in the league

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    Eagles had a great team last year... and instead of upgrading during the off season, they downgraded, especially on defense. Of course going to Pitt, there's a ton of Philly cats around here so I get to talk a lot of trash on them now!

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    lol, ther problem was payin mcnabb too much, making them not afford other players such as hugh douglas

    i think the biggest reason y ther not winning is injuries

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    McNabb deserves the money...b/c he's that good.

    I didn't think they would win against Tampa..but I sure as heck didn't think they'd lose this past Sunday!

    Yikes!! 0-2

    even Cowboys are 1-1

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    Injuries will hurt any team.. :( packers got whomped last year cuz of all the injuries they have.. not starting off to good again this year with them in the WR corps


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    eagles domination will fall and they will have to rebuild their team's foundation

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    me likey the eagles sucking!
    makes it easier for my bucs- and yes i have been a bucs fan for quite a long time ('97)

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