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Thread: Your favorite Basketball Card

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    Your favorite Basketball Card

    So what is your favorite Basketball Card?

    Mine is a tie between 2:

    86/87 Fleer Jordan RC (of course, its the cornerstone)


    UpperDeck SP Steve Francis Rookie F/X Rookie card (something about the pic on this cards is awesome!)


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    Jordans RC of course and next his 1995 Emotions #100 (had a BGS 9.5 but sold it- dumb)

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    The 5 Blazer cards from the 1976-77 set. The only year Portland has ever won the championship. I believe the cards are Bill Walton, Maurice Lucas, Lionel Hollins, Geoff Petrie and Dave Twardzick.

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    86/87 Jordan rookie sticker... I wonder if anyone else has yet to notice what the card next to Nomar is on the Sports Card Forum banner?

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    Vintage 61 Fleer Wilt Chamberlain Card #8

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    Fleer Greats of the Game Pete Maravich jersey card

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