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    2001-02 E-X Essential Credentials Now 121 Steven Hunter/61


    Looking for players in my sig. Will also look at tradelist. May trade down if you have something I really want. Thanks

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    BV isnt $50 :( that multiplier only applies to "stars"
    the RCs officially dont have a book value

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    So why does beckett online say its worth $50?lmk

    Plus your the first person to say it aint.. lol
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    yes they are all listed ... i should know because i own half the rookie set and i have seen them thumble down heavily in value

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    that makes no sense...usually parallels are adjusted for rookie values
    well, if online says its 50, then im wrong, but surprised

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    Thank you for the help. Bdrr had me worried there for a minute.

    If anybody else is interested in this lmk. Dont collect Basketball. Just a couple of players. Like I said before will trade down if the trade is good. Thanks

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