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Thread: Warrior:signed free agent

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    Warrior:signed free agent

    the warriors signed Calbert Cheaney who's a swingman who adds size to the warriors. he alsos scores and can play D. since the warriors have to many guards it is a nice addition. also they have released a guard named Antoine Rigaudeau.

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    bad signing.

    Cheaney's not a good shooter, and hasn't improved much on his dribble drive and stop and shoot the ball.

    basically, a reserve player off the bench

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    i agree, hes always been a slasher and never shot a good percentage. he is one of those college stars who just never had it at the NBA level.

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    I agree, it is a bad sign. Wasn't Antoine Rigaudeau in his 2nd year? They shouldn't have givven up on him so fast.

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