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Thread: need 49ers...

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    Exclamation need 49ers...

    i'm looking for 49ers autographs, lmk if u have any thanks
    maybe some gu

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    I have:
    Kevan Barlow--Pacific Auto Rc 291/1500($15)
    Ken Dorsey--Sage Hit Silver($25)
    Brandon Lloyd--Sage Hit Class of 2003 53/100($30)

    Looking mostly for Patrick Rasmey and Laveranues Coles Autos and GU.

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    I have a signed Terry Kirby card (not a certified autograph card) that I got in a card lot off of ebay one time. It's a 96 CE Advantage #92. I'll sell it to you for your 80CC. PLMK.


    I collect football cards of former University of Colorado players.

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    Kevan Barlow--Pacific Auto Rc 291/1500($15

    cwh25, I want this-i dont have coles or ramsey
    check out my site and lmk if there's anything you need.

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    i have 3 garcia autos:
    2002 ud sweet spot auto
    2002 bowman auto
    2002 ud mvp auto

    and 2 gu:
    2002 score qbc materials untouched Jeff Garcia
    2002 prestige gridiron heritage Jeff Garcia #/250


    i also have 2 8X10's signed by him
    a water bottle from his company

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    they were signed when i met him when he came up to vancouver to open up his company

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