The following cards are for sale in CAD$ funds(shipping included with tracking). Only shipping within Canada.

Klingberg Cup RC 100$

Weber Cup RC 150$

Fowler Cup RC 50$

Giroux FWA 100$

Lindholm National Treasures 110$

Forsberg National Treasures 175$

Pastrnak Premier RC 650$

O Reilly Cup RC 120$

Kuznetsov Premier RC 60$

Vasilevskiy Premier RC 150$

Laine FWA 300$

Reilly FWA Patch 200$

Pietrangelo Cup RC 150$

Gibson Cup RC 220$

Kane SOTT RC 300$

Gallagher Ultimate 100$
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Gallagher National Treasures 200$

Couture Cup RC 150$

Lemieux Signature Renditions 300$

Lemieux Scripted Swatches 400$

Crosby Peerless Patches 1200$

Roy National Treasures 200$

Mackinnon Primer RC 300$

Pastrnak Cup RC 1400$