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    Looking for vintage pre-1985, lower grade cards preferred.

    Sorry for the long post, lol.. I have an issue with elaborating too much. To make it short I'm interested in trading for and/or buying low grade baseball stars, superstars, HOF'ers pre-1985 and all baseball pre-1975. I have both baseball and hockey to swap for low grade vintage baseball, but I elaborate more below:

    I'm looking to add some lower grade vintage baseball to my PC, I generally collect hockey presently and always have but before I got out of the hobby entirely in the late 90's I was really into baseball with an emphasis on vintage baseball and when I got back into the hobby in 2016 I really only focused on hockey. I mean when I got back into the hobby things changed so much and I had so much catching up to do I chose hockey because it's what I was most familiar with.. I mean when I got out of the hobby I never stopped watching sports, I followed hockey closely and baseball at a distance, because keeping up with baseball is really time consuming, lol.... So yea, when it came to getting back into collecting hockey cards it was just easier for me to ease in, so now I'm comfortable with hockey and modern cards and that I'm satisfied with my hockey PC I would really like to get back into baseball, especially vintage baseball so I'm looking for some lower grade vintage cards to add to my small but growing baseball PC.. Look, I'm not new to vintage baseball at all, I would actually consider myself an expert when it comes to cards pre-1990, and back when I was collecting in the 90's had a pretty significant and impressive vintage baseball card collection. I mean growing up I worked at the LCS for store credit before I could work legally for a paycheck, and obviously when I did get a paycheck I spent it all at the card shop anyway - so it was a win-win for the owner, and of course me - I was content with situation lol..

    So yea, I'm looking to ease myself back into baseball again and not only do I admire vintage cards - it's just an era that I'm comfortable with... I'm not picky, and I'm not looking to flip or resell I'm just looking to add to my small baseball PC and get back into baseball I mean I think lower grade cards have "personality" - someone obviously enjoyed these cards decades previously given they're lower grade and I think that adds an extra element or quality to a card that is often overlooked by most collectors.. I mean that card was part of someones collection 50, 60-70+ years ago and I find that pretty cool and see vintage cards not only as an investment and something fun to collect but as a historical sports artifact, and a piece of art..

    As far as what I'm looking for - pretty much anything except for commons pre-1985. I have no issue with lower grade commons if they're pre-1974 tho, but yea, not exactly interested in beat up commons between 1975-85 or anything at all post-1985, lol... But if you're looking to trade or sell lower grade stars pre-1985 I'm absolutely interested, even if you have a 1985 Topps Clemmens RC with a crease in it - I'm interested..I don't mind how low grade they are, even if you have a 1979 Nolan Ryan you would presume would grade to a PSA 3, I would still be interested. I mean if it's obvious the card isn't worth the grading fees I would certainly be interested....

    Have I said interested enough? lol..

    Preferably I would like to trade but I can buy - I do have 15,000-20,000 modern baseball cards from 2016 to 2020, I mean despite the fact not knowing much about modern baseball over the past 5 years I did buy a couple hundred blaster boxes, hanger boxes, fat packs etc over that time when Walmart or Target didn't have hockey in stock as something fun to break. Obviously I was looking for jerseys, patches, autos and serial numbered cards etc in which I pulled plenty - so I do have plenty of modern baseball for trade - especially Topps Heritage - I really enjoy their reboot designs from the 60's & 70's - I just don't know who the good rookies are, the SP's and variations. I mean I know who the superstars are but outside of that I don't know much, lol... So yea, I'm an expert in vintage baseball but I'm more than ignorant when it comes to modern baseball - I'm stupid, lol... I can talk to you all day about the original "Big Unit" JR Richard and debate weather or not his 1972 Topps rookie card would have risen in value along with teammate Nolan Ryan's had he not had a stroke in 1979 which unfortunately cut his career short, or why Ted Simmonds rookie card is selling for more than Carlton Fisk's (which is mind-boggling BTW, lol).... But I know absolutely nothing about modern cards and would be more than happy to trade modern baseball for low grade vintage baseball, or high grade hockey from any era for low grade vintage baseball...

    So yea, like I said - I can buy but I would preferably trade and if you collect hockey and you have low grade vintage baseball that you would be willing to trade for hockey of any era that would be a good match because I have 1.5 million hockey cards from vintage to high-grade modern cards from Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, Terry Sawchuk to Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews and Carey Price - auto's, jerseys, patches, serial numbered, inserts, parallels, subsets, Young Guns, FWA's etc.... And as I pointed out I do have plenty of modern baseball..

    If you're interested in selling or trading some low grade vintage baseball PM me and I'm sure we can work something out .... I would prefer to buy/trade from those in the United States because the shipping to Canada is just so expensive and it takes forever these days, but I'm open to buying from and/or trading with Canadians too if the deal is right...

    Thanks if you read this long ™™™ post, lol....

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    I saw your message that you are interested in old baseball
    (I have alot from 1969 to 1975)
    and that you were willing to trade for old hockey, which is the only thing that I collect.
    Is this thread still valid?

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    They aren't "lower grade", but I do have some. Here is the link - https://www.sportscardforum.com/thre...ards-available - PLMK if you're interested in any. Have a good day, Rodney

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