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    Why I'm disgusted with The Cup

    There are several people on eBay selling player breaks.
    The break I watched this morning for for two 6 box cases (so 72 total cards)
    So, cost to the breaker was @ 10,000 plus tax.
    Even if they shipped every card in a one touch, the breaker MADE money on this group break.

    A few people get good / great deals, but most got nothing, or super OVERPAY for cards.

    $5.25 for a Hornqvist Signature Materials
    $7.27 for a Joe Niewendyk Championship Etchings numbered to 15
    $9.50 for a Bill Barber All Time Alum Auto
    $10 for a Joel Persson rookie auto to 36
    $14.50 for an Anze Kopitar base card
    $16.50 for a Connor Clifton Rookie Auto to 36
    $17 for a Leon Bergmann RPA
    $19.50 for a Rudolph Balcers RPA
    $20.50 John Carlson base card
    $21.61 for a Mitchell Stephens rookie auto to 36
    $26 for a Jonathan Huberdeau base parallel to 12
    $27.27 for a Anders Lee Limited Logos
    $28.51 for a Brady Tkachuk Limited Logos
    $31 for a redemption Martin Fehervary RPA
    $32 for a Daniel Sedin All Time Alum auto
    $32.55 for a Emil Bemstrom Signature Materials
    $33.55 for a Henrik Sedin base card
    $36 for a Claude Giroux base card
    $38.91 for a Teddy Blueger RPA tag to 2 and a auto printing plate
    $39 for two Alex DeBrincat base cards
    $39.77 for a Ray Bourque All Time Alum to 249
    $40.51 for a Sergei Bobrovsky Scripted Swatches
    $43 for two Jake Walman RPA's
    $43.52 for a Taro Hirose Exquisite RPA
    $43.78 for a Max Jones printing plate
    $44 for a Julien Gauthier Exquisite Endorsements Relics
    $54 for a Manon Rheaume Signature Renditions
    $58 for two Blake Lizotte RPA's
    $63.50 for a Jesperi Kotkaniemi RPA to 10
    $64 for a Joey Daccord RPA
    $75 for a Philippe Myers RPA
    $76 for an Adam Boqvist Draft Year to 249
    $84 for a Mitch Marner base card
    $92 for a Bobby Orr Splendor auto
    $99 for a Noah Dobson RPA
    $117.75 for three Ryan Poehling cards. RPA, Draft Year Auto, Draft Year to 249
    $120 for a Barrett Hayton Inked Insignias
    $140.29 for an Oliver Wahlstrom Draft year auto to 75
    $144.40 for a Morgan Frost RPA
    $152.50 for two Joel Farabee Enshrinements autos
    $171.50 for a Filip Zadina RPA and Draft Year to 249
    $174.50 for a Dominik Kubalik Draft Year to 249
    $295 for a Stephen Stamkos base card
    $450 for a Wayne Gretzky All Time Alum to 249
    $503 for Victor Olofsson Exquisite RPA and a Signature Materials
    $515 for a Kirby Dach quad jersey card
    $636 for a Connor McDavid Scripted Swatches
    $665 for two Nick Suzuki Trilateral jersey cards (and chance at a random on the Habs 1 of 1 triple button card)
    $1200 for three Cale Makar cards. Color Coded auto, Printing Plate, Signature Renditions)
    $1225 for two Jack Hughes cards. Quad jersey auto to 15, Quad jersey to 99

    Quinn Hughes was purchased for $1275, and got NOTHING
    Sidney Crosby was purchased for $560, and got NOTHING
    Igor Shesterkin was purchased for $345, and got NOTHING
    Kappo Kaako was purchased for $305, and got NOTHING
    Austin Matthews was purchased for $265, and got NOTHING
    And the list goes on!!

    Oh! And what about the multi player cards???

    One of the huge hits was Habs 1of1 button trio Poehling, Suzuki, Primeau?? A random draw??

    I just don't see how the Quinn Hughes buyer just says, "Oh well, better luck next time"

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    How many years have we all known that going into these kinds of breaks, regardless of the format, is a lottery? Whether you're in a 100-spot razz, a team break, player-break, or straight spot break, sometimes you get skunked. Yes it sucks....that's the risk you take. The only way you're guaranteed to get the card you want is to straight-up buy it. The only way you're guaranteed to get what you pay for is to buy the product itself.
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    Typical trend, sellers market.

    No different than the people who are overpaying for hobby/retail/blaster/tin, etc. on ebay.

    Eventually these type of people who are overpaying for cards are going to realize that 90% of the time they will never make their money back on their 'investment', and when they come to that realization, that's when this stupidity will stop.
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    If you show me the breaker is being dishonest about what they're doing.... then I have a big problem with it.

    This is what people are doing now though. If Someone wants to shell out $1275 for all the Quinn Hughes cards in a 2 case break of the Cup, why should any of us care? They know what they're getting into.

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    for 1275 he should have just bought a damn box

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    Woh, that dude paid $1275 and got nothing?...I'd be fuming.

    I'm not the biggest fan a group breaks to begin with, I mean I have done some cheap group breaks and got some cool cards however I would never get involved with The Cup. The only reason why I even bid on group breaks is because I'm from Chicago and the hockey card selection is absolutely terrible here, at least at retail stores, so I sometimes do group breaks just because I want product that isn't sold in the Chicagoland area. Sure, I could buy any product on eBay or Amazon but most of the time the prices are all jacked up. I swear a Canadian Walmart or Target would be "retail hockey heaven to me" I'd buy their entire inventory, lol... Don't get me wrong - here in the states, and even the Chicagoland area there are card shops with plenty of selection but the prices for hockey cards are bonkers.. It's like they jack up the prices because they know that the only hockey that Walmart and or Target carries is regular UD, and maybe they will have Parkhurst or MVP - that's it. They have Blasters, Tins and Fat Packs of regular UD, and like I said maybe on a lucky day they will have Fat Packs of MVP or Parkhurst and on a very special occasion they may have Blasters of MVP or Parkhurst - nothing else - ever... The only thing that's good at Walmart or Target is the prices... Blasters are like $15.99, Fat Packs are $5.49 and Tins are actually pretty ridiculous - Tins are like $32.99 sometimes even more..

    Yea, that's why I participate in group breaks sometimes - I just want "different" - not only that but you can buy teams no one wants at a really good price. Obviously everyone wants Colorado, NY Rangers, Vancouver, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal etc. As a Hawks fan I usually go for Chicago, I mean the Hawks for a group break are a real sleeper team, they fly under the radar, but in reality they have a lot of good young talent with Boqvist, Dach, Beaudin, Mitchell, Kubalik, Suter, Kurashev, Lankinen - not to mention Kane, Toews, DeBrincat, Strome and Keith...The Hawks are really undervalued, so while the other bidders are going at it for the Avs or the Rangers I'm just holding the fort down with Chicago, and if I can pick up a few more teams on the cheap I will. I mean every team has a couple of good prospects on the come-up.....

    But yea, I feel bad for dude that lost $1275 on Hughes, should I feel bad? after all he was the one that shot the moon.... What a waste of money, but it was a gamble - and honestly should have acknowledged that but he lost - that's why I don't play high stakes gambling.. I would rather have a case of something or 5-6 Hobby Boxes of 20-21 UD than the "chance" er opportunity of whatever Quinn Hughes card(s) he was hoping to hit..... SMH.

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    This hurts to read.

    No fault of the breaker (if their breaks fills, hey, good on them), as those guys are just laughing all the way to the bank.

    But why oh why would somebody shell out that kind of money for such a little return is just beyond me.
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    I think the price of the cup is a joke. It’s basically made now for the breakers. Who the hell is paying $1500 Canadian for 1 tin? I loved cracking the cup but haven’t since the mcdavid year. Since then the prices are stupid and you can never recover enough on a case unless you hit a monster. I don’t think this years crop anyone is worth 9k when cases were 2300-3k I’d crack and sell the junk at a loss but at least if I hit a 99 I could get most of the money back.

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    when no one can find supply they seem to turn to breaks

    The Benefactors - Breakers and Retailers means this trend may get worse before getting better sadly it won't stop till people refuse to pay for it anymore
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    While I do feel bad for paying that much and not getting a single Hughes, my sympathy is a bit tempered. It was a gamble, and a poor one at that. I can't fault the breaker because he didn't set the price, and had a system that used a gambler's mentality to his advantage.

    That said, I DO have a problem with this:


    Player auctions for players not on the checklist(as far as I know). Obviously buyers should do their research before bidding, but there is a blatant lie in the listing where it states "ALL PLAYERS LISTED FOR AUCTION ARE ON THE OFFICIAL CHECKLIST. "

    Sure, some of the listings only sell for a couple dollars, but that is free money for a 0% chance at having to send a card because you lied in the listing.

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