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Thread: Topps packs breaks

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    Topps packs breaks

    Stopped by a card store today to buy a DeMarr Johnson RC for a Hawks fan. I knew I should not have gone because I couldn't resist the urge to buy some packs. They were overpriced a little but I had a craving and these products can be hard to find.

    2 packs Topps Chrome - a couple common rookies, commons
    14 packs Topps 1st Edition - base cards, RC's - Dwayne Wade, Jarvis Hayes, common rookies, LeBron James RC

    At least I got the LeBron RC but I probably would have been better saving my money or buying SP Game Used but it was $50 CDN (about 37$U.S.) a pack.

    Good luck to all and hope you are more disciplined than me.

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    trade any of the 1st edition RC's? I will trade heavily in your favor. Please PM me
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    Hey i'll trade in oyur favor for the Dwayne Wade!! LMK or PM me

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