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    Looking for all Brian Cook cards

    I need all cards of Brian Cook!

    Let me know what you have

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    Dont have him but i see on your sig you collect shaq would you be interested in a ud 00-01 game jersey?

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    yes I would be interested PM me or let me know if you have AOL IM so we can try to work something out

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    Here is what I have.
    03 UD Prospect
    02-03 Fleer tradition #273
    02-03 UD Championship Drive #'d to 500
    02-03 Topps Xpectations
    02-03 Topps Xpectations Parallel
    02-03 Fleer Tradtion #291
    02-03 UD Series 2
    03-04 Ultra
    03 UD Prospect
    98-99 Topps Chrome REF
    99-00 UD Exclusive #'ed to 100
    96-97 SP Inside Info Gold
    93-94 Ultra Power In the Key

    LMK. Thanks!

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