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Thread: looking for josh scobey

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    looking for josh scobey

    iam looking for high ends of josh scobey rc cards like sp authenric spx playoff contenders looking to trade or to pay cc
    lmk what u got

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    i have the 2002 sp authentic scobey rookie authentics auto

    lmk if interested

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    whats its bv?
    what do u want forit
    how much cc do u want for it

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    I have this one:
    02 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition #108 (291/1850)

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    it books want an auto or patch in return...or maybe a RC game used...lmk wut u have in that range...dont collect anyone in particular just the stars

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    i dodnt realy have any gu in football any more would u want cc for it? the only gu i have is a 2001 playoff absolute memoribilia boss hoggs ike hilliard gu shoe 17125 bv 25

    what is bv of the fleer focus one?
    and what do u want for it?

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    Originally posted by goingwild18

    what is bv of the fleer focus one?
    and what do u want for it?
    It books for $4. I would take a Mike Vick of equal value or 50 CC. LMK

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    iam not interested i thought it was a jersey card never mind

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    not really interested in cc or the trade for baseball...u got any autos patches in there

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    dont have any base ball
    u interested in hockey?
    i will see what ielse i have in my box

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