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    Buying theses cards, Please Read!!!!!

    I am looking to buy a few commons or rookies of each of theses players:
    Joe Nolan
    Rickey Keeton
    Bill Castro
    Adrian Devine
    Ray Burris
    Glenn Borgmann
    Fred Scherman
    Davey Lopes
    Jerry Nielsen
    Brent Gates

    Please let me know what you have.

    Thank You,
    Tim Masson

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    I have these Brent Gates:

    '92 Topps #216
    '93 Upper Deck #504
    '94 Topps #586

    I have these Keith Willis (DE Steelers):

    '90 Score #420
    '90 Topps #190

    I give you these for 20 card cash. LMK. Thanks.
    GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS ...1975...2015...2017...NBA CHAMPIONS

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    ill take the upper deck and 94 topps gates, i dont need willis ne more, what you wamnt for them?

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    I have an uncertified Davey Lopes Auto on a 1987 Topps Record Breaker card I will sell for cc....LMK

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