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Thread: Random Sports Trivia #143

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    Random Sports Trivia #143

    List the years that Jerry Rice has lead the NFL in receiving yards (hint: Jerry Rice has played since 1985 - current year).

    (note: led the NFL **overall**, not just the NFC (as a 49ers), or the AFC (as a Raider), but the most receiving yards of any WR during that particular year)

    **You must list ALL the years in order to get 200 points for this question**

    If no one guesses ALL the years, then the winner will be the one who comes closest.

    **Once you post an answer, that is it. So research before posting** No editing allowed

    And all Moderators are excluded from this contest

    I will post answers late Friday night when I get home from work.

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    Obviously.. I need to not be here after I've been drinking ... I did not see the "NO MODS" rule... If you remember my answers... They were correct! That rule Blows IMO... Sorry Pod.

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    1986, 1989, 1990,1993, 1995

    im pretty sure those are the answers too bad i was late...

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    1994((the missed one yaya.. 45 minutes to find it))

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