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    Football cards for Basketball....

    02 Pacifiic David Carr RC $8

    02 Heads Update David Carr RC $10

    02 Atomic Kahlil Hill RC $8

    01 Pacific Invincible Josh Heupel RC $10

    01 Pacific Crown Royal Larry Casher RC $6

    00 Collector's Edge Chad Pennington RC $25

    01 Atomic Ronald Curry RC $8

    00 Collector's Edge Dez White RC $8

    00 Collector's Edge Todd Pinkston RC $8

    02 Pacific Adrenaline Chad Hutchinson RC $5

    01 Atomic Jason McAddley RC $8

    02 Pacific Private Stock Banner Year Tom Brady $10

    00 Collector's Edge Peter Warrick RC $10

    02 Heads Update Big Numbers Marshall Faulk $5

    01 Ultra College Greats Preview Donavann McNabb $5

    01 Topps Chrome California Golden Bears All-Star REF Tony Gonzales/ Andre Carter $10

    00 Collector's Edge Chris Cole RC $5

    00 Collector's Edge Michael Wiley RC $5

    00 Collector's Edge Jamal Lewis RC $15

    01 Collector's Edge Dennis Northcutt RC $5

    99 Collector's Edge Old School Jevon Kearnse $2.5

    I am looking for basketball cards in return.
    PLMK. Thanks!

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    00 Collector's Edge Chad Pennington RC $25

    I would like this, and I have for you:

    02-03 UD I love LA #2,3,8,12 (I don't have #10)
    (2) 02-03 UD Kareem Rush Star Rookie #191.

    Let me know, thanks!

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    I need these cards.
    02-03 UD I love LA #2,3,8,12 (I don't have #10)

    LMK. Please list your basketball cards.

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    I have way too many cards to list, but I am certain I have something you want in addition to those. The BV on the above 4 cards is $14. I have many Kobe inserts and base, plus a lot of other stuff. Tell me who else you collect, thanks!

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    Hey I'd be very interested in trading my b-ball gu for your baseball gu. I don't collect b-ball only baseball.But have a little of all sports. Check my sites for them!Thanks and would love to trade!

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    bootydaddy- I collect inserts like
    97-98, 98-99 kybox rubies, 96-97, 97-98 Fleer Thrill seekers, 02-03 UD Sweet shot Off the board, UD Glass Clear Winners, 97-98 Flair Wave of the Future,98-99 E-X Century Dunk 'N Go Nuts
    hairston- I wouldn't give up baseball gu for them.
    But I got some pujols if you are interested.
    02 Studio Diamond Connection $8
    03 Bazooka Comics $3
    I would do Camby+32cc for those 2 pujols.
    PLMK. Thanks!

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    Ok. But why do I need to give you 32 cc?Isn't the Camby enough?Also you wouldn't do both of my gu for the Thomas bat?LMK Thanks

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    I'll do Thomas Bat if you give me 32cc.
    Because nobody wants Steve Smith.

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    32 cc and the b-ball court camby whatever his name is for the thomas?Sounds good to me!LMK

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    kobe080, I have some UD Glass Clear Winners, and some other inserts you want, but I need a day or so to check which ones. Hold the Pennington RC for me, OK? I will get back to you shortly. Thanks!

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