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    Updated Tradelist GU and Inserts

    Here is my updated list for trade or purchase:
    Game Used trade/sale:
    a) Andre Miller UD GU #307/500 (am-s)
    b) M. Olowokandi UD GU #391/500 (mo-s)
    c) Terrell Brandon GU (tb-u)
    d) Elton Brand UD Glass Clear Winners Unpeeled (104)
    e) Chris Wilcox UD GU (GJ-CW)
    f) Nikoloz Tsitishvili Season Premier GU (nt-p)
    g) Andre Kirilenko UD Star Imports GU (AK-SI)
    h) Elton Brand UD Glass Game Gear (eb-gg)
    i) Brendan Haywood All-Access (a-bh)
    j) Richard Hamilton Season Premiers GU (rh-p)
    k) Juaqin Hawkins UD Glass Clear Winners RC Level2 189/500 Unpeeled (121)
    l) Marcus Haislip UD Glass Clear Winners Unpeeled RC 679/900(137)
    m) Kobe Bryant UD Glass Topper Unpeeled BV$30
    n) Steve Francis UD Glass Box Topper Unpeeled.
    o) Mike Bibby Roundball Jersey
    p) Shane Battier 04 SP Game Used Authentic Patches (4 color) 99/100
    q)Drew Gooden 04 SP Game Used All-Star Apparel 95/100
    r) Steve Francis 04 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics (2 color)
    s) Iverson 04 SP Game Used Game used Jersey
    t) Ben Wallace 04 SP Game Used All-star Apparel GU 52/100
    u) Elton Brand 04 SP Game Used Authentic fabrics
    v) Marcus Camby 04 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics GOLD 87/100
    w) Antawn Jameson 04 SP Game Used Game Used
    x) Richard Hamilton 04 SP Game Used Game -used

    Trade for GU and auto or Sale only:
    a) Jordan/kobe UD inspirations harwood Imagery BV $150 (mj/kb)
    b) Jared Jeffries Finest Gold Auto Refractor (107)Not Priced due to Scarcity
    c) M.jordan UD Glass Box Topper BV$50
    d) Kobe UD Top Prospects Gold /100
    e) Jordan Top Prospects Gold /100

    Auto's for trade/sale:
    a) Loren Woods UD Ovation (LW)
    b) Brandon Hunter UD Top Prospects (ss-hu)
    c) Jerome Beasley UD Top Prospects (ss-jb)
    d) Jason Kapono UD Top Prospects (ss-jk)
    e) Nick Collision UD Top Prospects (ss-nc)

    Inserts & Commons for Trade/sale:
    a) Tyson Chandler UD Authentics rc GOLD 173/250 (9)
    b) Juan Dixon UD Authentics rc 143/799 (116)
    c) E. Rentias UD Authentics RC 664/799 (91)
    d) Antonio MCDyess UD Authentics GOLD 075/250 (58)
    e) Mike Dunleavy UD Exclusives 96/100 (258)
    f) 03 UD Top Prospects MJ #1
    g) 03 UD Jordan #180
    h) 03 UD Inspirations Shaq #36
    i) 03 UD Top Prospects MJ #58
    j) 03 UD Top Prospects Kobe #59
    k) 03 UD Top Prospects Carmelo #57
    l) Fleer Tradition R. Butler,J.Pargo,G.Giricek #291
    m) Fleer Tradition D.Gooden, N. Tskitishvili,D.Wagner #292
    n) Fleer Tradtion N. Tskitishvili, C. Butler, J.Dixon #296
    o) UD Top Prospects Rick Rickert UD Grading System 68/250 (rc6)
    p)Black Border Jumaine Jones (148/500)
    q)Black Border Travis Best (160/500)
    r) Caron Butler Love it Live
    s)Baron Davis Love it Live
    t) Allen Iverson Love it Live

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    I like the Ginobili Signature SP.
    I don't have scans yet.

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    i like your w) Antawn Jameson 04 SP Game Used Game Used please lmk if you see anything on my site

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    any other cards besides those on your website? lmk.

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    i need your ben wallace gu :) ... just check my site and see if there's anything that you might want... even tho i know you want lakers...

    lmk thanks

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