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    Game used and autos going cheap

    I have a lot of football game used and auto cards going for pretty cheap. They end tonight and if an SCF member wins any, I will pay for shipping, just let me know.

  2. SCC Black Friday 2017
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    So if I buy any of them you pay for shipping?Even the $.01 and $.30 cards?If so I will bid on many of them!
    Oh yeah same question, if I buy like a few of them will you give me free shipping for them too?Like combine them?LMK

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    I will only pay for a couple. I really don't wanna spend more than $2.00 for shipping for one buyer.

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    Ok. Thanks for responding!Eugene and I will be bidding on another screen name

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    I bid on some, so If I win remember my name and ship them to me free!

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    Looks like I won two of your auctions....the Derick Mason and the Tony ebay user name is blurr26.

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