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Thread: How'd I do?!?

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    How'd I do?!?

    I got it for my friend who likes Byrd!!!I would never buy football off ebay but griffey was selling with free shipping for SCF members so I got it!Sure hope he's happy because I've never heard of the guy but he was on his list!

  2. SCC Cyber Week 2017
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    hey man there is an official thread for ebay wins, in the sportscard forum...

    and nice win

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    really?...I'm going to have to check it out!It sounds like a great edition to the forum because it will keep idiots like me from clogging the forums with ebaywins!LOL
    Thanks gio....

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    nice win! But I think out of courtesy you should send him at least 50 cents so he doesn't lose money on shipping. Otherwise he may not give free shipping anymore.

    that's the tiniest piece of jersey I've every seen LOL. :)

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