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Thread: 1961 golden press baseball

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    1961 golden press baseball

    i have the intact book .does anyone have any info about this item?
    thanks kevin

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    Intact with(in) the book (Depending on condition) the set is worth 300-500. the Ruth card is the most expensive at 60-90.
    ***These were what I remember from 4-5 years ago.
    There are reprints of the book

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    wow not bad for a buy from a flea market for 2 dollars huh?

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    Oh my

    Oh, you're killing me, that's an awesome buy for two bucks! I got that book as a kid, but naturally detached all the cards from the book. Still have em though, it is one of my favorite sets. Heck of a deal you got!


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    Originally posted by kbraker
    wow not bad for a buy from a flea market for 2 dollars huh?
    As long as it's not a reprint, then it's damn good.

    How are the conditions of the cards?

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    most all the cards are in ex condition except the babe card on the cover one corner is detached and a crease is present. there is a bit of surface wear on the front and back cover.

    how can i tell if it is a reprint or not?
    the copyright on the front says 1961 only

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    I sold a completely graded PSA set (PSA 8 or better) for $1300 last year.

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