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Thread: 49er Fans.....

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    49er Fans.....

    Here are pics of two 49er sets I have. I thought Niner fans might enjoy them.

    I posted these in another forum than realized it was a discussion forum rather than cards.

    The sets contain some really slick Rice, Montana, & Young cards. It has taken several years to find these things on Ebay.

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    That looks sweet. Did you do it yourself. I am a Dallas fan but I like what you did

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    I designed the cases and had them fabricated by local acrylics shop.

    Gridiron, if I understand your question, yes collected the cards & SLUs and assembled the sets myself. I consider them "living" sets since Im always finding a "better" card to replace one in the set. At this point, however, both are pretty well done. With the exception of a 2 or more color Young helmet card, I doubt I'll find any cards improving on what I have. There is more than 5 years of daily looking at eBay cards in those sets.

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    Yes, very nice displays!! I really enjoy seeing how others display Their items. Again thanks for sharing

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    Thats a sweet collection - Congrats on the cards and the cases are nice also!

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    all i got to say is:

    I gots to do something like that someday

    Put in Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Young, Ronnie Lott, and Roger Craig and I would be in heaven!!

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