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Thread: NFL draft this Sat and Sun

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    NFL draft this Sat and Sun

    Well, ESPN is reporting that Palmer and the Bengals have agreed in principle on a contract; they could possibly announce it tomorrow afternoon officially.

    So, the #1 pick is solved.

    Most likely, #2 is Charles Rogers, given that Detroit already has Harrington (which rules out Leftwich), and there's a big need for a wide receiver.

    Anyone got ideas on the picks for #3 through #29 (or whoever picks last) in Round 1?

    And who's gonna get picked last in Round 2, and get that trip to Disneyland, lol.

    I am rooting for my Niners to pick up a cornerback, or at least a defensive player.


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    They say leftwich will go to the bears or Jags. I think he will fill in great on either team.

    I think Willis McGahee could be the steal of the draft!

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    Mel Kiper Jr., the guru of NFL drafts on ESPN, was pretty adamant that McGhaee will be a Pro Bowler within 2-3 years, and that he would be a steal for teams picking in 20s and lower

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    McGahee's leg looked strong and he was in great shape at the workout the other day. I think his desire for football will make him a great player.

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    desire for football, not to mention the millions he could make.

    Don't mistake desire for a sport to be confused with making money.

    Not everyone is the next Jerry Rice -- making lots of money, but EARNING that money!!

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    I wouldn't mind my Steelers picking up McGehee if he's still around for that pick, but they need secondary help REALLY bad so I doubt that will happen.

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    I'd pick Terrell Suggs of Arizona State or EJ Henderson at Maryland as a linebacker if I were a owner. Great players. Carson Palmer, too.


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    Suggs was Kiper's pick as Rookie of the Year for this season

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    anyone know what pick the vikings have this year? Thanks and lmk

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