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    First Time in BBall forum, anyone need these?

    Rookies of: Chris Herren, Trajon Langdon, Baron Davis, Corey Maggette (all Fleer Mystique /2999)

    1999-2000 Fleer Force Rookies of Jonathan Bender /1600 Jumaine Jones /1600

    2000-2001 Black Diamond Rookies of: Courtney Alexander /750 E. Njara /2000

    1999-2000 SP Authentic Rookie Scott Padgett /1500

    2000-2001 Fleer Genuine Rookie Jerome Moiso /1500

    1998-1999 UD Encore Parrallel Vlade Divac /125

    ill take CC or football cards for these, thanks

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    make me an offer. what do u have in football cards? what would u give in CC?

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    just traded, sorry

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    hey strong dude I want the vlade but I do not want to buy with cc or cash will trade for football

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