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    I need lebrons so let me know what u have

  2. Kronozio
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    Might i also make a small statement:

    It took Kobe Bryant a few years to become what he is straight out of high school such as where Lebron is coming from.
    Lebron is used to jumping over 6'4" centers for the dunk. Wouldn't it be a site to watch Lebron try to clear Yao... LOL!!!

    My point is that Lebron is a hype, and i suggest you wait 1 year so the worlds see's he sux then buy it cheap and wait for him to get the needed experience that he lacks.

    Just my thoughts, enjoy Lebron if you really want him.

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    Man lebron is great and he is gunna be great from day one his cards are never gunna go down in value unless he gets hurt real bad

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