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Thread: Commons for CC w/SASE

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    Commons for CC w/SASE

    Hey guys just lmk who you collect, trying to get 5-10cc per card w/ SASE. I got a box yesterday so most likely I have most players. Thanks.

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    Which Soriano's do you have?
    Also, and White Sox prospect/minor leaguers(Kris Honel, Neal Cotts, etc.)


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    bergzautos- got one Soriano common of 2003 fleer focus je and in that same set a common of Joe Borchard another white sox prospect if your interested. Also got a Joe Crede, and of course Big Hurt and Mags. LMK and thanks for the interest.

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    2003 Fleer Focus JE Teixeira, Prior, and Pujols
    Mark Prior Team colors insert from same set BV $5 lmk.

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    Wait is this a 3 player card??Or just 3 cards from that set of those players?LMK and not interested in the other Prior....

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    3 cards from the set, all 3 seperate not a 3 player card:)

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    How much CC would I have to give for your Mark Prior Team Colors insert if you ship it to me?

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    All right I need the Pujols. Could I give you 20cc and have it shipped to me?LMK

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    j2cool: I am not looking to ship and will give it to you much cheaper with a Sase. Looking for 40CC w/ Sase on that one, lmk if you have a different price in mind.

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