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Thread: need help with this

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    Question need help with this

    does anyone have any higher end rosty klesla rookies? i only have his ud ice rookie, and i would like to acquire more. please let me know if you have any. i am also interested in klesla game used or auto'd cards. thanks

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    you are a funny guy nieminen...ill have to go over to your house and beat your

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    i guess im gonna have to be the bigger man here...but one last thing...VILLE NIEMINEN SUCKS...ok im done now

    in case anyone forgot about what this post is actually still looking for klesla

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    OOOO you didnt....I'll be the bigger man and settle this over PM so the rest of the board doesnt have to get sucked into your propaganda

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    LOL....if anyone is unsure about this, me and ol' ville here live about 5 mins from each other

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    Hey, Big
    I have a Rostislav Klesla RC:
    Rostislav Klesla 01-02 Pacific Rookie Collection (Spring Expo) 283/500

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    thanks for the notification niko, but i am really looking for an inserted rookie. thanks though!

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