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Thread: Redemption In!

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    Redemption In!

    Got it on Monday...

    2003 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects #182 Q. Griffin RC Auto/A. Savage RC (#ed/200) BV is $30, looking for guys in my signature.

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    I have a Coburne Topps DP&P Gold...I was working on some sort of deal for the Cobourne with you but I had some comp problems a few weeks ago...if you are interested in working something out...let me know

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    raym ~ I'm looking for cards of the three guys in my signature.

    craig102m ~ I still need the Cobourne Refractor, that's what you have? or is it the Chrome? PLMK, Thanks.

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    It is the Gold Chrome books out at 25...I have a regular Cobourne also from that set along with the Dorsey...I think those would equal 30 if you would want to do that trade...or I can see what else I can find.

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    Not really looking to do three cards-for-one. Also really would want an Auto in return.

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    Would you look @ my WWW, and see if there is something in the rafractor range for it? I have a Witten RC Rafractor from the same set... PLMK, Thanks!

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