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Thread: lebron james AKA

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    lebron james AKA

    due to the number of reponses i got this card i am basically putting it up for auction... please pm me an offer.. i am interested in IU players GU/autos or cash/paypal... lmk please even if you dont have any of the previous but still want the card make up a deal and pm me... i will decide between the offers by friday... based on what i have recieved so far no one has any IU stuff...

    kirk haston
    jeff newton
    jared jeffries
    aj guyton
    damon bai;ey
    alan henderson
    several others

    this is Indiana IU

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    you know the deal.... make an offer in cash or IU players gu or nice rookies or autos and i will see what else happens... lmk as you still have 2 days along with anyone else

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    Hi. I have a GU or Jeffries, Henderson, and I got some inserts of Steve Alford (IU i think?) and a bunch of other IU stuff. Do you have any Nene or good RCS? PLMK
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    i have the victory nene... also pretty much any rookie from this year... lmk who you are looking for... all the rookies are victory

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