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Thread: under pricing

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    under pricing

    What is the deal with everyone not wanting to pay what a card is worth? You don't go to a company and say...."I know a pack cost $4, but tell ya what, I'll give you a buck for it!" if a card is worth $50, and someone says they'll sell it to you for $30, thats a deal, don't say, "Well, I'll give you $10"!!!!!!!!!!! I am just wondering, what the deal is with this? I understand everyone loves a good deal and wants the best price, but man, this is getting rediculous. Please post replies to this and let me know what the deal I missing something here???? I understand people may not have alot of money to spend on a card, but imagine how much you'd have to spend on packs to find it. I'm just saying....relax a little....if someone spends $100 on packs and gets $200 worth of cards, then try to sell them and is only offered $50 for the cards.....what is the point in even bothering with this hobby??? Is there not a price guide for a reason? Please dont take this the wrong way....but please respond and let me know if I am missing something....if so, I apologize....


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    I think you answered your own question... Yeah, the card books for 50.00, But you paid 4 for the pack.. got 3-7 other cards with it. So you only have the 4 dollar investment in it.
    BV are BullS**t No-one has gone by them in 5-6 years. Why should I buy a 50.00 card off of you for 30 when I CAN get it for 10 on ebay?
    I know it sucks. I dont like it either, But thats the market these days.
    Remember when a 1:36 Odds insert had a guaranteed bv of at least 25.00? I do! Now they are .50-1.00 each most of the time.
    If you dont like what people offer yopu for your cards... DONT SELL IT TO THEM!

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    Ebay my friend. It has ruined the hobby. People now only want to pay what they would pay for the same item on Ebay. Say you have 2 cards booking $50 apiece. One card sells for $10 on ebay and the other $40. Would you trade knowing that the card your getting may have the same BV, but will sell for much lower on ebay? I wouldn't either. But thats what this hobby is coming to. I myself have been forced to trade by sell value, and not beckett BV.

    Hope this helps.

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    He's right.. It's only worth what some one's willing to pay for it.
    I know that old but...Even more true today

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    Yeah, it's $4 for the pack, but if someone is looking for a card I have that they've obviously been trying to find, I dont see why I should give it away.....I mean, buying packs is a gamble, you might get something, you might not...thats what the odds just because I get the $50 card and you dont get it....why should I give it to you for just my $4 back??? I understand what you're saying from perspective, but I agree, it sucks. But me personally, this is my business, not just a hobby, and this doesn't produce any profit for me at all.....u know? I buy cards by the case....which is a bigger investment than $4, in hopes to find autographs, rare GUs, etc....and now that I find them, I'm offered what I would have payed for a pack!!! This is rediculous to me....and you made a point...dont sell it!! I have tons of cards that people want..and I will give great deals, especially to repeat customers...but I'm not gonna give the cards away....seriously, am I just being an a**hole or does it seem fair for me to be aggrevated?

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    Hey, I know what your saying, I owned a shop for 8 years myself, I was smart enough to get out before the gu craze and ebay became a monster.

    I will always be a collector first, thats why I still collect!

    If you complaining about prices and own a store..? I cant help you there, Sounds like your just bitter, Not unlike all those idiots that are still trying to make there money back on the umpteen thousands of dollars they spent on cases from 86-92!

    Good luck in the future with your shop. maybe you should stay up on the hobby alittle more instead of worrying about the price of this and the price of that.
    If your unhappy with what the secondary market holds for you and the hobby.. Contact the card manufactuer and Complain to them on what they charge and why they pay outrageous signing fees to players to have thier picture on a card. them complain to the unions of the factories that print the cards they are the reasons your cases are costing 500-900 each instead of the 90-150 They were 25 years ago.
    Dont be bitter because your trying to get bv for it and cant, I can tell you know I'd never go into your shop. I hope you give away free cards in your store and dont sit like an arrogant when a 9 or 10 year old come in Accually, I'm sorry for that comment , because I dont know you and have never been in your shop.
    But I can tell you this... If your just worried about the money;
    You need an attitude ajustment.

    Oh, BTW... I realize it's a business now, thats why i got out. I never thought of myself as an entripenuer that would corner the market on cards. It's people like that; who have also ruined the hobby!

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    I respect your opinions and I will take the advice to contact the card manufacturers. I did not mean to come across as bitter, that I'm not. I am not mad about the money, just people's outlook. I do not expect to get book value on everything. I realize the book value is BS. However, I think people should respect value all together in this country. We are all spoiled brats. I dont think people respect time and effort. I open cases upon cases, put cards in order, everyone in sleeves, etc. This, as you should know, is extremely time consuming. I spend hours upon hours just sorting so that I can provide fast service to customers wanting cards. I also do it to have a huge inventory to help complete customers sets and help them find cards of their favorite players easier, etc. This is not appreciated one bit. I'm not trying to make a killing off of these cards, just enough to get by while helping others with what they need. That is my goal. And I think good service, fast service, reliability, dependability and devotion to helping customers get the cards they want is worth something, u know?

    For instance.....I live in South Carolina and most of our jobs were textiles. However, those jobs are gone and thousands of people are out of work because they've worked textiles their entire lives (30-50 years) and do not know any other trade. These people are out of jobs now because Chinese factories are doing it dirt cheap and its draining our economy. Other businesses around the country are the same way, and cheap people are what's making our economy fall....

    We could turn this thing into politics, but that isn't where I was headed at all. My entire intent from this message is to say to these collectors....respect the value of cards, especially the rare ones.....the less and less we pay for cards, the more the values decline! If we stopped buying fruits and vegatables because we dont want to pay what their worth to the farmer's, the farmer's will stop farming!! This hobby is dying and I dont want to see it die. I guess that is why I'm angry...and it's US that is killing it!

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    Remember, beckett value displays two prices:

    1. The lowest you should sell it for

    2. The highest you should buy it for

    Personally, I hope to buy/sell cards at #1. I only look at #2 when trading.

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    Hey, Casey.. I meant no disrespect at all. I agree with you, But there are reasons for the ways people look at the hobby.
    1. Kids, Kids and More Kids..
    2. Money, Even a 13 year old thinks there cards are gold/worth the world.
    3. Adults, Think they are smarter than kids
    4. Parents. They are the ones who will instill the values to their kids.. how many times did you ever hear "I'm not/your not paying $XX.XX for that." (I know you have!)
    5. The hobby has outgrown its basic use... A HOBBY!

    I owned my store for almost 8 years. i was in a small town, But did good business. I.. first; was , am , and always be a collector.
    I had great business, because I traded all the time. (For stuff I wanted, Not for the store) Yes I made a good amount of money, But the late 90's were just as bad as the late 80's if not worse. values dropped so rapidly, and the flood of Gu started to make the Hobby a mockery of itself. Thats why I decided to leave the market. I could not afford the Minimum's set by manufacturers and refused to pay the inflated prices from distributors.
    More and more, My Real good customers were buying from Wal-Mart because they were cheaper. I know you know about this too. Once ebay became a monster (like I said) I was done.
    I no longer sell at all. I dumped 75% of my stock and singles for pennies on the dollar, and had enough to re-locate and live care-free for about a year before I needed to get a job again. What I have in my possesion now is things I wanted too keep and stuff I Forgotten I had. My personal collection is over 750,000 cards and thats the only thing I have to worry about now. Not ripping open 1/2 a case to get stock for the shop then trying to figure out what to do with the singles. I have'nt bought a box in 2-3 years now.

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    Now here is the flip side to this whole discussion. I buy cards at a relativley low price usually. Most of the time it is 5-10% of book and yes, i do buy game used etc at this price all the time. Now if it s something i really want for my personal collection i iwll pay more or trade over book but it is a rare thing. for example i just traded for this and gave 13 assorted gu for it. but for this i paid $10. so a lot of it comes down to buying right and selling right. The harrison btw is #'d to 25

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