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Thread: my growing cubs collection

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    Are you looking for people in cubs uniform, or can they have played for the cubs, but are in a different uniform.

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    it all depends on how much I liked them as a cubbie bear...

    nobody else like my collection so far

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    It is a pretty nice collection, espicall that Pie rookie (jealous) and also that sosa, mcgriff, palmeiro gu (yet again jealous)

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    You going to that game on Sunday? That will be a classic moment in Cubs history, I'm sure...

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    I have to add my nate frese 2002 playoff absolute ink to it...

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    Even though this isn't the trading forum I got a 03 Fleer Focus JE insert of Prior BV $5 and his common from that set as well. Pm me if you are interested gio thanks.

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    Ooh I just remmembered I that I have a Kevin Orie auto donruss signature card, from when he was a cub, I listed it in my trade page, take a look.

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    oh yeah I like the orie, the prior I believe I have somewhere, remember everything is not listed yet.

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    I've got a Jenkins incoming that I thought you might want. Bv is $40. I have that, along with the Kelton PSA 10 (still) to trade you. Have any autographs for trade?

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