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Thread: BV Help Please...

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    BV Help Please...

    Can anyone give me the book value on this card....

    2000 Playoff Contenders #CQ-2 It is an Ultimate Contenders Quad card with Aikman and Emmitt on one side and Brad Johnson and Stephen Davis on the other. It is numbered 51/80. Any help is appreciated.

  2. Kronozio
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    $10....thats from an old price guide, but im almost positive it hasn't moved at all

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    2000 Playoff Contenders Ultimate Quads CQ2 Aik/E.Sm/B.Jn/S.Dvs/80 $12.50 $30.00

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    sorry, guess i was wrong!!! that kind of stuff usually doesn't change much, but aparently it bad

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    goboyz21...thanks! problem, you said your price info was dated. I appreciate the help.

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