I'm looking for an Ultimate Collection rc auto /99 or an SPA auto/jsy /270. I have the following for trade:

05-06 Exquisite Auto Patches Marvin Williams 4 color patch/auto 77/100
sells $80-110)

05-06 Sweet Shot Three-Point Shots Marvin Williams jersey/shooting shirt/auto (sells $130+)

2006 Bowman Sterling Joseph Addai gold refractor rc 54/900 (sells $40+)
2005 UD Trilogy Ken Griffey Jr bat/jsy/auto 12/75 (sells $150)

2004 Reflections Signature Threads Peyton Manning jsy/auto 13/99 (sells $100)
2003 Leaf Limited Team Trademarks Tom Brady jsy/auto 47/50 bv 250
Jim Brown signed jersey
Carson Palmer signed football

I also have a lot of paypal to throw in.